Mobile Dog Grooming Colvilletown

Mobile Dog Grooming Ladysmith

Mobile Dog Grooming Colvilletown

If you’ve been searching for a mobile groomer in Colvilletown,  you’ve come to the right place! Safe Trim Mobile Dog Grooming Ladysmith is a professional mobile dog groomer. We offers a wide range of pet grooming services. From nail filing and shed-less treatments to tooth brushing and dog baths, we provide full-service grooming services in the convenience of your own driveway!

Safe Trim Mobile Dog Grooming Colvilletownoffer flexible schedules and the best rates in town. We always work with big passion and understand that tender loving care is a must to make every pet happy! No more long driving, countless hours waiting for your pet to be ready, exposing your pet to get anxious, nervous since they are out of their environment, etc. Our mobile pet grooming services in Colvilletown come to the rescue with a stylish fully customized van, equipped with hot and cold water, grooming tools, shampoo & conditioner, blow dryers, pet accessories, and treats!


Mobile Dog Grooming Ladysmith


Sergii, is a fully qualified dog groomer with wide experience. He has been trained to use correct, calm and gentle dog handling methods.

We pay attention to all aspects of the grooming process, from nail clipping, ear cleaning, bathing, fluff drying, brushing, hair clipping and scissoring.

You and your pet will love Safe Trim Mobile Dog Grooming Colvilletown.

There are a number of benefits to mobile dog grooming. As a top mobile dog groomer around Colvilletown, Safe Trim Mobile Dog Grooming delivers all of these benefits and more. Whether you’re interested in a simple dog bath or require our complete grooming package, here are some of the advantages to our mobile services:

  • No prep time: No hassle getting your dog ready for a day at the groomer’s. Our dog grooming  salon comes to you anywhere in our service area.
  • No driving to the groomer: With curbside service at your home or office, there is no need to put your dog in the car. No need to find parking…. no stress or car sickness for your dog.
  • Sparkling clean, sanitary environment: We clean the mobile grooming spa thoroughly between dogs and between visits.
  • Stress-free environment for your dog: Our mobile dog grooming salon is free from other dogs. Grooming services are performed right outside your home in a cage free setting.
  • A long term relationship: Safe Trim Mobile Dog Grooming Colvilletown takes pride in caring for your family.